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Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles: Stillness

The Sarah Connor Chronicles Icon Challange

The Sarah Connor Chronicles Icon Challange
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.Welcome to the Sarah Connor Chronicles Icon Challange Commmunity.

.Your moderators are . quiet_elle .and. vicary_gaijin .

.An Icon Challange Community is where we, every week, set a challange; which is in the form of pictures
.We will give you 5 pictures to work from.
.And you make up to 4 icons from those pictures.
.Submit them and then everyone votes on their 3 favourite icons.
.Much fun to be had by all.

.It doesnt matter if you've never been involved in icon challanges before, we all have to start somewhere.

.If you have any suggestions for the community. Please Comment Here

.Credit for the Screencaps and Pictures; with our many thanks to those for making screencaps available for all.
goes to dj_capslock ./. jadeleopard ./. http://motherofdestiny.com ./. http://sarahconnorsociety.net ./. http://caparchives.crystalfires.net

.And many thanks goes to dhfreak who gave us the comm.


We run 2 icon challenges. One weekly [W] and one bi-weekly(themed) [B] challenge.

The schedule :-

- W challenge posted every week. B challenge posted every 2 weeks
- submission for last weeks W challenge closes, every 2nd tuesday submission for previous B challenge also closes

- Voting for W challenge goes up.
- Every 2nd tuesday the voting for B challenge goes up



- W voting closes.
- Every 2nd friday B voting closes

- W winners and banners are posted
- Every 2nd saturday B winners and banners are posted


To see a full and more indepth schedule VISIT HERE.


.All icons must be 100x100 pixels and under 40kb to suit LiveJournal's icon standards.

.All icons must be your own - no stealing people. This will result in action taken against you.

.They must be in .jpeg .jpg. .gif .png formats (or appropraite formats that i have forgotten)

.No animation allowed. This is a stillness community.

.Brushes, textures, text, etc are allowed.

.You may use the pictures more than once. If you fall in love with one picture and just have to make 4 icons from it - go for it.

.You may submit up to 4 icons. Unless otherwise stated.

.Submit your entries in a comment [which will be screened] to the original challange post.

.Submit like this.



.Both the HTML code [which shows the icon] and the Direct Link [the address/url of the icon] are needed.

.You do not have to participate every week. We would love you to though.

.You do not have to be a member to participate; though we would love you to be one.


.Vote for your favourite 3 icons, in order.

.Your first choice; will recieve 3 points, your second; 2 points, and your third; 1 point.

.The icons that gain the most points overal will be awarded 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places.

.Vote in a comment to the voting post. Comments will be screened.

.Anyone can vote, you dont have to be a member.

.Do not vote for yourself. Or get others to vote for you. If we find this to be happeneing. You will be disqualified from the round, and may end up being banned from the community. There's no fun in cheating.

.There will also be a Mod's Choice award. Can you guess who decied's who wins this?


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.Would you like to affliate with us. Comment Here
.If you would like us to promote your community. Comment Here

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