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29 September 2008 @ 10:03 pm
* Round 13 [bi-weekly]  
Welcome to *Round 13 of the bi-weekly challenge

After your mods break, normal schedule has resumed. So NORMAL rules are back in effect, if you have forgot taken a moment to refresh yourself, they are written here and on the profile page.

Submission deadline = Monday, 13th of October

To enter, comment on this post (all comments are screened)
Enter up to 4 icons using the pictures provided.
Pictures can be used multiple times. Must be still.
textures, brushes, blending, text, colouring etc are all welcome.
Must be your own creations.

Since im feeling in a generous mood. And several of you commented to say that you liked having whole galleries to pick from.

// HERE //

These are High Quality Promo episode stills for the 2nd season.

When viewing the gallery, clicking on a specific picture will take you to the pictures page, and from there clicking on it again will open up a new window; which will be the picture in HIGH RESOLUTION.

You can use any of these images in this, and only this, gallery to make your icons.


many thanks to http://black-celebration.net for making these images available to us

REMEMBER last mad dash to get icon in as


submission ends tonight.