Elle (quiet_elle) wrote in scc_stills,

A VERY SPECIAL CHALLENGE - *round 12 bi-weekly

Welcome to A VERY SPECIAL *Round 12 of the bi-weekly challenge

IMPORTANT MOD ANNOUNCMENT - this will be the only challenge running for the next 2 weeks. There will be NO weekly challenge, however we have made alterations to this challenge, to keep you occupied.

Submission deadline = Monday, 29th of September

To enter, comment on this post (all comments are screened)

Enter up to 6 icons

Pictures can be used multiple times. Must be still.
Must be from what we tell you. - Especialy since were not giving you specific pictures, but giving you whole galleries.

textures, brushes, blending, text, colouring etc are all welcome.

Must be your own creations.


As this is the VERY SPECIAL CHALLENGE there will also be a different set of winning criteria's

Winning Catergories will be
- Most Creative
- Best Crop
- Best Texture use
- Best Text
- Mod (quiet_elle's) Choice
- Mod (vicary_gaijin's) Choice

and if your lovely mods decide we will have the usual, 1st, 2nd and 3rd vote.

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